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Having trouble using your equipment?  

We have assembled several of the most common questions users have and user guides for most of the equipment we install.  If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Is the IP Office considered a Key system?  

The IP Office is a hybrid PBX, meaning that it has both IP and TDM buses. Although since IP Office R3.0 it includes some key system capabilities, it is not a Key system.

In BASIC mode, the IP Office will function similarly to most traditional Key systems.  This mode should be reserved for only the smallest and simplest of offices since many of the advance features offered by IP Office are unavailable.

What do the single characters that appear on many of the Avaya IP Office phones mean?  

On Display telephones, the following letters can appear:

  • B indicates that the user is barred from making outgoing external calls and can only be used for internal calls.  

  • D indicates that the user is set to forward all calls.  

  • G indicates that the user has their hunt group membership enabled.  

  • H indicates that the user has placed a call on hold.  

  • N indicates that the user has Do Not Disturb turned on.  

  • P indicates the number of parked calls.