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IP Office provides big business benefits and enhanced productivity for small and mid-size businesses with a full complement of sophisticated applications.  

IP Office provides a number of free applications (e.g., Microsoft TAPI service). These applications can be upgraded to provide enhanced functionality through the purchase of license keys. The complete list of applications are:

Receptionist/Operator SoftConsole
A graphical User Interface (GUI) for attendants on their PC desktop for call handling. Works with a telephone and is an easy way to learn and use sophisticated tools in a comfortable environment.
Avaya one-X™ Portal for IP Office
A powerful client/server web application that allows the user to control and manage phone calls from a web browser with the standard LDAP protocol for connectivity to external directories.
Open CTI interfaces
IP Office has a built in TAPI server that integrates easily with popular contact management applications such as Outlook. Sophisticated custom applications can be rapidly developed and deployed with our full software development kit.
Callers can always be answered with a personal voicemail greeting before a message is taken and message notification set. Messages can be shared (forwarded) with colleagues and retrieved by any telephone capable of tone dialing. When used with Avaya one-X™ Portal for IP Office, the PC can be used to control message playback.
Integrated Voicemail to Email Presentation
Voice messages can be copied into email messages and delivered into the email system. IP Office uses SMTP or MAPI to deliver a copy of the voice message.
Unified Messaging (UMS) 
The Unified Messaging Service within Preferred Edition provides a higher level of integration to synchronize both voicemail and email inboxes.
Simplify service for administrators with this easy-to-use feature with the ability to construct customized automated services allowing callers to efficiently navigate the system, and reach the right person, without the assistance of an operator. Available with Preferred Edition and with Essential Edition.
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Text to Speech
Create automated customized systems allowing callers to interact with business information, for example, reading email, account enquiry systems, automated ordering systems, ticket purchasing systems, PIN checking, remote time sheet management, etc. Enhance these systems by using Text To Speech to read information back to callers. Available with Advanced Edition.
Queue Manager and Campaign Manager
Powerful voice and IVR applications for the Contact Center that facilitate agent and traffic management for better productivity and customer service.
Customer Call Reporter (CCR)
Available with Advanced Edition and combined with the built-in Automatic Call Distribution functionality of IP Office, CCR enables a small business to track and measure customer service and agent productivity levels.
CCR delivers:
Simple/Intuitive Reporting
Browser/Thin Client Architecture
Single Server Efficiency (with Preferred Edition)
Target Segment: Small Business<30 agents
Can support up to 150 agents
30 supervisors
One administrator