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For offices with basic data networking needs, IP Office can provide a complete data communications and networking solution:  


Internet Access
Firewall protected leased line or dial-up connectivity via PRI, T1 or WAN port: high-speed dialed access, direct leased line connections for high usage and Web site hosting, integral security, and efficient access to information and a larger business presence via the Web.
Integral Static or Dynamic (RIP I/II) routing for both Internet and Branch-to-Branch solutions.
NAT (Network Address Translation) and built in firewall to protect your internal network and IPSec support allows secure VPN data transmission across public IP Networks using 3DES encryption.
Automatic IP address allocation for local and remotely attached PC's and other devices, including IP telephones.
LAN Switching
The IP Office 500 V2 offers 2 switched Layer 3 Ethernet ports.
LDAP Client Support
For standards based directory synchronization with Avaya one-X™ Portal for IP Office.