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Scalable to fit your needs  

IP 500 V2

The IP Office 500 V2 offers a modular, flexible chassis which with capacity for up to 16 analog trunks or 16 ISDN BRI trunks (32 channels) or 8 digital PRI trunks (up to 192 T1 channels or 240 E1 channels) using internal daughter cards. Up to 12 Expansion Modules may be added to provide a combination of up to 384 analog, digital or IP extensions, with additional analog trunks through external Analog 16 modules. Features include up to 148 optional voice compression channels, 2 independently switched LAN ports and built-in Embedded Voicemail.

Server Edition

IP Office Server Edition has been specifically designed to address up to a 1500 users on a single site and also to accommodate companies with up to a 1500 users across 32 locations.