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Avaya one-X is a portfolio of communications solutions that deliver a powerful and consistent communications experience for the end user – across a variety of devices and interfaces. Avaya one-X solutions provide Intelligent Access to Intelligent Communications driving enhanced productivity and competitive advantage.

Avaya one-X Deskphone Value Edition, also called the 1600 Series of IP telephones, is a family of cost effective IP Telephones designed especially around the needs of the Small and Mid-Size Business customer.

For users of a digital solution, the 1400 Series of Digital telephones offer the same functionality and consistent communication experience on a line of digital telephones, giving customers the choice to select the right solution regardless of the method of connection.

The line of 1600 telephones has been further enhanced with the 1600-I Series, providing an easier-to-read graphical display with white backlight, consistent with the displays of the 1400 family.

Designed with the reliability you expect from Avaya, one-X Deskphone Value Edition telephones provide critical features and capabilities not often found in competitively priced models.

The family of 1400/1600 telephones consist of three models, designed around different user needs:

The 1403/1603 phone is designed for the Walk Up user and basic Everyday user. For a Walk Up scenario, the 1403/1603 is used common areas in offices, stockrooms, lobbies, or drop-in desks. Users can be building visitors, employees, or even customers who need a phone with a simple, familiar user interface. The 1603 telephones comes in two versions: The 1603, a basic phone without Ethernet switch for locations where no PC is connected to the phone, typically for the walkup user, as well as the 1603 SW, with a basic Ethernet switch to connect additional components to the phone, well suited for the basic Everyday user.
The Avaya 1408/1608 IP Telephone is designed for the Everyday user. Everyday users typically rely on several forms of communication including voice and email – and while they require a quality telephone, they rarely handle large amount of calls at the same time. Cubicle workers and sales staff are examples of Everyday users for whom the 1408/1608 delivers a productivity-enhancing telephone.
The Avaya 1416/1616 IP Telephone is designed for the Receptionist/Assistant user. Receptionists, secretaries, and managers are examples of this type of user – people who answer incoming calls, transfer customers to different departments or extensions, and monitor several line appearances throughout a typical day. For the Receptionist/Assistant user, the 1416/1616 provides the most one-touch line/feature/speed-dial buttons without the need to scroll through on-screen lists.


All 1400 Series and 1600 Series telephones share a consistent design line and feature a button-centric layout. With fast access to all needed features like hold, transfer and conference, easily readable back-lit displays and a stylish design, they are an important addition to the Avaya portfolio of telephones for the Small and Mid-Size market.

All telephones share a number of feature keys with clear, paper labels. On the 1408/1608 and 1416/1616, features are also available through a feature list on screen that makes selecting features and line appearances easy even when hotdesking to another phone.