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9621G and 9641G  

The color touch-screen models, the 9621G and 9641G, evolve the user experience of the 9600 Series with a touch interface. Having color touch-screens on more models, with flexible software that can be enhanced in the future, these Deskphones provide a platform for near and long term enhancements that leverage the touch-screen capabilities. The 9621G and 9641G are targeted at Essential users who rely on the phone for business communications or those users that can benefit from tighter and easier access to a wider range of Avaya applications.

Both telephones are ready for future support of Wideband Audio on IP Office, giving a future proof investment path. The full duplex hands free audio performance is truly differentiating for heavy speaker phone users.

All the new 9600 Series IP Deskphones are low power including the 9621G and 9641G which are both PoE Class 2. The 9641G is the first IP Deskphone that can provide Gigabit Ethernet, a color screen AND a button module while consuming only PoE Class two power.

The 9621G and 9641G have a similar look and feel to the current 9600 Series models and include a dual position flip stand that positions the phone at approximately 20º in the low position or 60º in the upright position. The high resolution touch-screen displays are adjustable to 4 independent positions and both models support removable faceplates and have separate part numbers for versions without a faceplate.

The 9641G can be used with the BM-12 button module. A maximum of three button modules can be connected at one time. The 9621G does not support a button module.

The 9641G also includes a USB 2.0 interface.



Product Overview:




Touch Screen



Administrable buttons (3 pages)






Display (fixed)

4.3 inch /10.9 cm

4.7 inch / 11.9 cm

Dual Position Stand



Integrated Switch



USB Interface



Wideband Capability

Handset, headset, speaker

Handset, headset, speaker

PoE Class



Applications Buttons

Contacts, Home, History, Message, Phone, Forward

Contacts, Home, History, Message, Phone, Forward

Other Keys

Volume, Mute, Headset, Speaker

Volume, Mute, Headset, Speaker

Customizable Faceplate



Bluetooth Interface



Maximum Button Modules
(2 x 12 buttons)




Common Features:


o 9621: Color touch-screen display – 3.7 inches x 2.1 inches (9.5 cm x 5.4 cm);
o 9641: Color touch screen display 4.1 inches x 2.3 inches (10.4cm x 5.9cm)
o 4-position adjustable tilt display

Fixed Feature Buttons: 11

o Volume up/down (separate volume levels for the handset, speaker, and ringer), Mute button (LED), Speaker button(LED), Headset button(LED).
o Avaya Menu button (browser, options and settings access), Home/Telephony application button – to return to main telephone screen.
o Contacts button, history (Call log) button (LED), quick-access voicemail Message button with LED and corner message indicator. Call Forward button

Programmable /Contextual buttons:

o 24 administrable keys/functions accessible through touch screen (different layout options)
o 0-5 contextual softkey buttons (touch screen). Context sensitive allocation of e.g. Hold, Transfer, Conference and more.

Key Labels: Icons and text used on fixed feature keys.

Speakerphone: Full duplex speakerphone.

Hearing Aid Compatible: Yes.

Message Waiting Indicator: Yes - can also be used as a ringing call alert indicator.

Personalized Ring Patterns: Three distinct ringtone styles. These include Classic, Alternate and Rich. The Classic and Alternate versions provide more legacy sounding ring tones. The Rich ringtones are more elaborate and nontraditional..

Headset Socket: Yes. Bluetooth and DECT headset support (with adapter); 9641: Built in Bluetooth adapter.

Embedded Applications:

o Centralized call log and contact application, fully transparent between 9600 telephones, 9500 telephones, 1408/1416/1608/1616 telephones and Avaya one-X™ Portal for IP Office.
o Contacts application (up to 100 entries) and Call Log (Missed, Incoming, Outgoing, up to 30 calls).
o Access to company directory and Visual Voice applications on IP Office.

Upgradeable Firmware: Yes.

Expansion: Yes. Support of up to 3 x BM12 button module (9641 only). (2 x 12 buttons per module)

Color: Gray.

Mounting: Desk or wall mountable.

Adjustable Desk Stand: Yes. Reversible wedge stand for desktop or wall-mount use and dual-position flip stand

IP Details

Power Supply: IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) or individual power supply unit

Power Class: PoE Class (IEEE 802.3af) registers as class 2 device

Codecs: G.711, G.729a/b. ready for G.

Supported Standards including Quality of Service:

o LLDP/LLDP-MED (including VLAN assignment)
o 802.1Q (Layer 2 QoS)
o VLAN Separation
o DiffServ (Layer 3 QoS)
o Port Range (Layer 4 QoS)
o 802.1X (MD-5)

SNMP Support: Yes.

IP Address Assignment: Static or dynamic IP address assignment.

Ethernet Ports: Two port full-duplex 10/100/1000 BaseT Ethernet switch for PC pass-through connection.